Services & Prices

I offer computerised edge-to-edge quilting and custom quilting, using my Handiquilter Avante with Prostitcher control. All work is completed in my newly renovated smoke free studio.

You can chose from hundreds of digital pantograph designs, or if you have something very specific in mind that I don’t already own, we can order it online for you from one of the comprehensive digital sites including Digi-Tech Patterns, Urban Elementz and Intelligent Quilting.

Prices depend on the thread choice, the density of the quilting design and any extras required including cropping around applique or embroidery, separate borders or remedial work needed. Batting is extra, and can be supplied by you or purchased at very good rates from my selection.

A loose edge-to-edge design, in a single thread colour from my standard selections is $4.00 per square foot. You can see my currently available level one edge to edge designs HERE. More dense designs start at $4.50 per square foot. You can see a small sampling of advanced designs HERE. Custom work – including separate block or border designs which can enhance your finished work start at $7 per square foot. More detailed quotes can be provided during your free consultation.

Extra thread changes or specialised thread selection are $5 per quilt.

If you need a backing seamed, quilt top pressed, threads trimmed, or seams repaired etc this work is charged at $20 per hour.

Each order has a minimum charge of $40 to cover the labour involved in loading the quilt, setting up the computer and stitching out the design.

To calculate your cost, multiply your quilt height and width in inches. Divide that area by 144 to obtain the square foot rate. Eg, 68 x 90 inches = 6120 square inches. Divided by 144 = 42.5 square feet. A basic pantograph over this area would be a cost of $170.